LOVE COVERS: These four WestCare graduates are shown with their “Love Covers” presented to them.
Medical Leader│Photo by ABIGAIL GIBSON

Uplifting support for WestCare program

Abigail Gibson

PIKEVILLE — Love Covers blossomed after WestCare clients attended a church service at New Beginnings Fellowship Church on a very cold Sunday in December.

“I knew the girls did not have a coat or long sleeves and it was five degrees out. After talking to Westcare Counselor Debby Bailey, my daughter, son and I rummaged through our house to find enough fleece throws to use as covers to walk the girls to and from church,” Church member Amber Campbell said.

Campbell said it wasn’t a few days later that her and Bethany Arnett had a thought to begin making no sew blankets for the graduates.

“We got everyone involved with developing the outreach program,” she said. “It takes everyone to make this successful.”

Campbell said everyone needs to know they are loved.

“This will be an uplifting support in their road to recovery,” she said. “We have to love one another as Christ loves us.”

Church member Amber Collins said it’s our job to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

“We have to show those in need love. I hope when these girls lay down at night, wherever that may be, that they feel covered in love,” Collins said.

Bailey said it was an inspired idea and very encouraged by the commitment of New Beginnings Fellowship Church.

“The church has been coming for months and supporting the graduates and is taking a step to show their investment in the program,” she said. “For the girls to receive something handmade means so much to them and to me – that someone has taken their time to make the blanket and present it to them.”

Bailey said it reinforces to her that the church feels like the program is of value.

The graduates said they feel greatly appreciative to receive a blanket and are receiving support from the community. 

“I feel better knowing that each graduate will have something to remind them that no matter where they are or what they have done they are loved by Christ and they will always have a support system with New Beginnings Fellowship Church,” Campbell said.

Sara Sands, owner of Sara’s Creations, graciously donated the embroidery for the blankets.

“Our hope is to get the community and organizations working together to make the blankets,” Collins said.

Anyone interested in getting involved or make a donation to purchase material, visit New Beginnings Fellowship Church on Facebook and send them a message.