Truth or Consequences

In the movie, “Liar Liar”, Jim Carrey plays the character of a father who constantly breaks promises to his son.


His son makes a wish that for one day his father cannot tell a lie and surprisingly his wish comes true.


Although this is a funny movie, we know that it is not very funny when we are the victims of someone else’s lies.


There is one person, however; who will never lie to you. God is absolute truth. Jesus said “I came to bring truth to the world. (John 18:37).


Sometimes the truth hurts. There are times when I hear a sermon preached and shout “Amen”, but on the inside I am saying “Ouch!”


Let us be thankful for those who speak the truth in love. They help shape our lives for the better if we are willing to listen.




~PMC Chaplain Larry Penix may be reached at 606-218-3969.