• Bring others closer


    Have you found a way to connect to the Divine? If you have, it probably did not happen in a vacuum. I would venture to guess there were other people involved in connecting you with God. I hope you can take a moment to recall one or two of these people in your life. These folks became a bridge that let you safely move closer to God.


  • Procrastination


    Procrastination is a thief of both time and eternity. Both famous and unknown authors have stated this profound truth in many ways.


    We live either in memory or anticipation of knowing about yesterday and hoping about tomorrow. But we are in awe of what to do with today. God is always in the now.


  • Mission and Goals


    Grasping my hand while making my daily chaplain visits, a lonely man genuinely thanked me for visiting him at that point in his “journey to recovery.”


    It occurred to me that everyone is on a journey, from the baby we pray for in the NICU, to patients in palliative care, to the nurses and caregivers who work so faithfully to help restore health.


  • Truth or Consequences


    In the movie, “Liar Liar”, Jim Carrey plays the character of a father who constantly breaks promises to his son.


    His son makes a wish that for one day his father cannot tell a lie and surprisingly his wish comes true.


    Although this is a funny movie, we know that it is not very funny when we are the victims of someone else’s lies.


  • The New Year and Resolutions


    The New Year brings new resolutions and the idea that we will do better this year.


    We set goals of losing weight, being better stewards, and even the goal of growing closer to God.


    I find comfort in Jesus’ words, “My Father, who has given them to Me is greater than all. No one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.” John 10:29 HCSB.


  • Happy New Year!


    Eighteenth century Scottish poet, Robert Burns, wrote a poem entitled, ‘Auld Lang Syne’, loosely translated means to reflect on times gone by.


    This poem became a famous song sung most frequently on New Year’s Eve to hail in the New Year.


    For many people, 2016 has been a sad time and for others a time of prosperity.


  • Something to Ponder


    Let me describe to you a scene. You decide where you are. To those who have never visited this little town, the folks in the booming metropolis less than a day away, believed every sordid story of life back up in the mountains. The big city folk saw them as uncultured hicks – some even claiming that nothing good ever came from the little town in the mountains.

  • God's great love


    Just last month we witnessed a rare lunar event.


    The moon was at its closest point to earth until November 25, 2034. The chance to witness this “Super Moon” brought back memories of hosting Apollo 15 astronaut James Irwin.


  • Where God Leads I Will Follow


    In the daytime also he led them with a cloud, and all the night with a light of fire. Psalm 78:14


    The chosen people were afraid. They had to cross a barren wasteland, a desert, with no provisions and no definite sense of where they would end up.


  • Have Thanksgiving Everyday


    The month of November is a time when people express their thankfulness.


    Being grateful is a choice that we readily and normally express on Thanksgiving Day. But, what we do every other day of the year, when the mood is less festive or more ordinary, is more important.