Something to Ponder

Let me describe to you a scene. You decide where you are. To those who have never visited this little town, the folks in the booming metropolis less than a day away, believed every sordid story of life back up in the mountains. The big city folk saw them as uncultured hicks – some even claiming that nothing good ever came from the little town in the mountains. Thankfully, the good mountain folk paid little attention to the comments of outsiders. Hard work and belief in themselves and the help of God kept their eyes focused on the future. Something great happened here!

Where are you? Have you pictured Pikeville, Central Appalachia? Forgotten by others but not by God. Did you think about Bethlehem? The place where Christ was born! They have much in common. Great things come from both, surprises for those outside and a blessing to many. We thank God for what he has done for the world through Jesus and the reminder of the relevance of our mountain towns and cities. Merry Christmas!

~PMC Chaplain Randy Johnson may be reached at 606-218-3969 or by email at: