PMC employee is successful with HMR

Kathy Atkins

The Pikeville Medical Center's (PMC) Wellness and Weight Loss Center offers several options for weight loss to improve health. The HMR Weight Loss Program is one option that uses prepackaged foods and guidance from trained coaches to assist patients in their weight-loss journey.


PMC Registered Nurse Paul Huffman, and his wife, Kirsten, had great success with the HMR Program and lost a combined total of 200 pounds in ten months.


"It was the easiest weight loss program I have done," said Huffman. "This is the only program that has worked for me."


Huffman has struggled with weight issues since childhood.


"I can remember having my tonsils out in the third grade," said Huffman. "After that, I constantly struggled with weight."


Huffman and his wife decided to participate in HMR for health reasons. He was on medication for high blood pressure but it was continuing to increase. He was also on medication to lower his triglycerides (a type of fat in the blood) and cholesterol. In addition, Huffman was diagnosed with Type II diabetes which his physician was in the process of addressing it.


Although Kirsten's health was not as poor as her husband's, she wanted them to enroll in the HMR program as a team in order to support each other.


As it turned out, Kirsten started the program first with her parents who were also having weight issues.


"I didn't start immediately because I wanted to see how she liked the program," said Huffman. "But I tried the foods she was eating and ended up losing 19 pounds in two weeks and overall started feeling better. It convinced me to join the HMR program." HMR combines a structured diet, physical activity and behavioral lifestyle-change coaching to help people lose weight.


It focuses on reducing calories by using meal replacements along with fruits and vegetables. It helps participants learn to follow a healthy lifestyle along with adding physical activity and making them accountable.


After reaching a weight loss goal, participants move into Phase II of the program which teaches how to lead a healthy lifestyle to maintain weight after the loss.


Huffman's lifestyle has changed dramatically as a result of his weight loss.


"When I wake up now, I feel rested," said Huffman. "I go to the gym an hour in the morning before I come to work. Before the weight loss, it was a struggle just to get up and get ready. I feel good during the day. When I get off work, I go with the kids and practice sports and do all of the stuff I should have been doing all along. I feel like doing it and I want to do it."


More importantly, Huffman is off all of the medications he was taking for his health.


"This by far has been the best thing I have ever done for my health," added Huffman. "I liked the food, the support and the encouragement the program offers."


Huffman's mother and father-in-law were successful with HMR as well. His mother-in-law lost 30 pounds and his father-in-law lost close to 90 pounds. The family's combined weight loss in 10 months was close to 300 pounds.


"I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone," said Huffman.


For more information on the HMR weight loss program, call the Pikeville Medical Wellness and Weight Loss Center at 606-218-2205 or visit