PMC employee loses big with HMR weight loss program

Kathy Atkins

Pikeville Medical Center’s Wellness and Weight Loss Center helps people improve their health with weight loss, assisting them in choosing a plan to suit their specific needs.

The Center offers bariatric surgery and the HMR weight loss program which is a meal replacement diet program.

PMC’s Vice President of Facilities Ralph Lomma chose the HMR plan to lose weight and restore his health. Over a period of years, Lomma had gained weight and developed health issues including high blood pressure, sleep apnea and knee pain.

“My weight was over the edge and I just wasn’t feeling well,” said Lomma. “I’m 62 years old now, and you start thinking do I want to live longer or do I want to eat more.”

The HMR program combines a structured diet, physical activity and behavioral lifestyle-change coaching. It focuses on reducing calories by using meal replacements supplemented with fruits and vegetables and helps participants learn to follow a healthy lifestyle by adding physical activity and accountability.

After reaching a weight loss goal, participants move into Phase II of the program which teaches participants how to maintain the weight they loss.

Lomma started the program when it was initially offered at PMC in October 2016. He has completed five 12-week phases and lost a total of 71 pounds, which is the most success he has had with any weight loss program.

“I have struggled with weight issues for about 18 years,” said Lomma. “I tried the Atkins Diet, lost 25 pounds and kept it off for about one day. As soon as I got off the diet I put the weight back on plus another five or 10 pounds.”

Lomma likes the way the HMR program is structured.

“You don’t have to think about what to eat. The only choice is which entrée you want,” added Lomma. “It’s simple. There is no thinking. There is no counting calories.”

There are 16 pre-packaged entrées to choose from in the HMR program, chocolate and vanilla shakes, and supplements including cereal, protein bars and soup. HMR also has an iPhone app to assist participants in keeping track of their progress. 

HMR members are required to attend weekly meetings which are run by trained coaches. Members are required to weigh in, record what they ate for the week and record the amount of exercise completed. Discussion ranges from new recipes or new exercises to problems encountered during the past week and how to overcome them.

For more information on the HMR weight loss program, contact the PMC Wellness and Weight Loss Center at 606-218-2205.