PMC delivers 971 babies in 2017

Abigail Gibson

PIKEVILLE — Thousands of expectant mothers have chosen Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) for their childbirth experience.


PMC has grown to become one of the largest, most progressive medical centers in the region. This last year, PMC delivered a total of 971 babies.


"I really enjoy working in the Obstetrics, Labor and Delivery department," Misty St. Clair, Unit Secretary said. "Seeing the joy a baby brings into a family's life and knowing firsthand how wonderful my co-workers are at their jobs as they helped bring my wonderful son, Gage, into the world under difficult circumstances."


She said there were a total of 19 sets of twins born at PMC in 2017.


Of the babies born and published in the Medical Leader as of January 2017, these were the most popular baby names chosen by parents.


Top girls names: Paisley, Harper, Isabella, Ava and Scarlett.


Top boy names: Carter or Karter, Aiden, Grayson, Mason and Owen.


2017 Babies Who Weighed the Most


Bryson Carter Howell, son of Amber Spears and Austin Howell, born Sept. 7; weight: 10 lbs., 7 oz.


Nicholas Ryker Spears, son of Taylor and Nicholas Spears, born March 29; weight: 10 lbs., 6 oz.


Emalyn Mae Underwood, daughter of Latasha and Justin Underwood, born March 13; weight: 10 lbs., 4 oz.


Julie Camille Hopson, daughter of Amanda and Jonathon Hopson, born Nov. 14; weight: 10 lbs., 4 oz.


Christopher Blake Leeper, son of Natasha Hunt and Christopher Leeper, born Sept. 11; weight: 10 lbs., 3 oz.