New Arrivals - January 27, 2017

Xzane Billy Prater, son of Charlotte Edwards and Billy Prater, born Jan. 18; weight: 5lbs., 9oz.


Autumn Rose Arnett, daughter of Samantha and Jonathon Arnett, born Jan. 17; weight: 6lbs., 12oz.


Rylan Daniel Lockhart, son of Kathleen and Daren Lockhart, born Jan. 17; weight: 6lbs.


Havyn Victorya Sue Sparkman, daughter of Rachael Sturgill and Joshua Sparkman, born Jan. 17; weight: 7lbs., 6oz.


Bennie Xavier Lafferty, son of Wendi Blackburn and Bennie Lafferty, born Jan. 17; weight: 7lbs., 11oz.


Aviana Rayne Stiltner, daughter of Karlee Stiltner, born Jan. 17; weight: 7lbs., 9oz.


Gracen Sophia Caudill, daughter of Ingrid and Josh Caudill, born Jan. 16; weight: 8lbs., 8.6oz.


Tylee Jade Childress, daughter of Sara Brown and Eric Childress, born Jan. 16; weight: 6lbs., 7.5oz.


Jacob Ray Keene, son of Ibreonna Stewart, born Jan. 16; weight: 5lbs., 10oz.


Donovan DeWayne Griffith, son of Crystal Varney and Donald Griffith, born Jan. 15; weight: 6lbs., 3oz.


Owen Allen Spencer, twin son of Lisa and James Spencer, born Jan. 15; weight: 5lbs., 11oz.


Ava Raelynn Spencer, twin daughter of Lisa and James Spencer, born Jan. 15; weight: 6lbs., 8oz.


Owen Blake Tackett, son of Shylebra and Dillon Tackett, born Jan. 15; weight: 6lbs., 8oz.


Tristan Daniel Jude Ball, son of Bobbie and Thomas Ball, born Jan. 14; weight: 5lbs., 10oz.


Mikah Grace Maynard, daughter of Kecia and Mike Maynard, born Jan. 14; weight: 6lbs., 10oz.


Terry Ryan Justice, son of Danielle and Terry Justice, born Jan. 14; weight: 7lbs., 13oz.


Cade Thomas Epling, son of Julia and Caleb Epling, born Jan. 14; weight: 8lbs.


Carter Wade Bradford, son of Jeana and Justin Bradford, born Jan. 13; weight: 10lbs., 4oz.


Reem Elgaried, daughter of Sarah Shames and Yousof Elgaried, born Jan. 13; weight: 9lbs.