New Arrivals - January 20, 2017

Natalie Brooke Rife, daughter of Martha and Christopher Rife, born Jan. 11; weight: 8lbs., 2oz.


Remington Gage Adkins, son of Stacey Hitchcock and Jimmy Adkins, born Jan. 11; weight: 5lbs., 15oz.


Audrey Faith Ratliff, daughter of Brandi and Joseph Ratliff, born Jan. 10; weight: 6lbs., 7oz.


Caden Reed Kiser, son of Amelia and Colby Kiser, born Jan. 9; weight: 7lbs., 3oz.


Leonso Levi Hernadez, son of Rachel Wallen, born Jan. 9; weight: 6lbs., 15oz.


Elijah Seth Joseph, twin son of Sarah and Ricky Joseph, born Jan. 8; weight: 1lb., 10oz.


Emma Faith Joseph, twin daughter of Sarah and Ricky Joseph, born Jan. 8; weight: 1lb., 9 oz.


Levi Robert Venturino, son of Ashley and Jake Venturino, born Jan. 6; weight: 7lbs., 9oz.


Trenton Michael Caldwell, son of Sandra and Ralph Caldwell, born Jan. 6; weight: 8lbs., 12oz.


Kayden James Carter Stanley, son of Alisha Blackburn and Summer Dawn Stanley, born Jan. 6; weight: 7lbs., 15oz.


Madalyn Brooke Thompson, daughter of Savannah Hampton and Timothy Thompson, born Jan. 6; weight: 6lbs., 11oz.


Carter Layne Conley, daughter of Brittany Bray and Joshua Cody Conley, born Jan. 6; weight: 7lbs., 9.5oz.


Maddison Julia Faye Sparks, daughter of Brittany Tucker and Christopher Sparks, born Jan. 5; weight: 7lbs., 14oz.


Keaton Cole Moore, son of Kasey and Dakota Moore, born Jan. 5; weight: 4lbs., 9oz.


Eric Caspian Balo, son of Madison and Stephen Balo, born Jan. 5; weight: 6lbs., 11oz.


Adalyn Ray Mynhier, daughter of Brittany and Jeremy Mynhier, born Jan. 5; weight: 8lbs., 12oz.