New Arrivals - December 30, 2016

Kambry Lashae Mullins, daughter of Whitney and Cody Mullins, born Dec. 22; weight: 7lbs.


Noah Connor Clevinger, son of Elizabeth Sussan and Christopher Clevinger, born Dec. 21; weight: 9lbs., 2oz.


Jackson Liam Reece McClanahan, son of Brandi and Chad McClanahan, born Dec. 21; weight: 8lbs., 15oz.


Cooper Scott Thacker, son of Cassi and Zachary Thacker, born Dec. 21; weight: 8lbs., 9.2oz.


Johnathon Avery Campbell, son of Naomi and Robert Campbell, born Dec. 21; weight: 7lbs., 10oz.


Greyson Shane Casey, son of Megan Stiltner and Patrick Casey, born Dec. 19; weight: 4lbs., 12oz.


Peyton Kailani Matharoo, daughter of Sarah and Paul Matharoo, born Dec. 19; weight: 6lbs., 8oz.


Caroline Elizabeth Goins, daughter of Sarah and James Goins, born Dec. 18; weight: 6lbs., 9oz.


Jayden Jose Angel, son of Maria and Juan Angel, born Dec. 17; weight: 7lbs., 13oz.


Keegan Sean-John Pruitt, son of Katelyn Hibbitts and Isaiah Pruitt, born Dec. 17; weight: 6lbs., 10oz.


Olive Trudie Lee Ratliff, daughter of Tracie and Randy Lee Ratliff, born Dec. 16; weight: 7lbs.


Keylan Breeze Rodriguez, daughter of Hannah Manrinq and Trent Matthew Rodriguez, born Dec. 16; weight: 6lbs., 10oz.


Lucas Ryan Fannin, son of Sabrina and Michael Ryan Fannin, born Dec. 16; weight: 7lbs., 14oz.