New Arrivals - December 23, 2016

Connor Joe Hamilton, son of Cecelia and Wesley Hamilton, born Dec. 8; weight: 6 lbs., 10 oz.


Roy Isaiah Earl Pruitt, son of Breanna and Roy Pruitt, born Dec. 9; weight: 9 lbs.


Markus Elijah Adams, son of Sydney Elkins and Harold Adams, born Dec. 9; weight: 7 lbs., 11 oz.


Marilyn Rose Summer, daughter of Tiffany and Jeffery Summer, born Dec. 13; weight 8 lbs., 12 oz.


Grayson Kade Tackett, son of Tamra Little and Justin Tackett, born Dec. 13; weight: 6 lbs., 14 oz.


Jagger Layne Charles, son of Brittany Charles, born Dec. 16; weight: 8 lbs., 9 oz.


Dilylah Rayne Adkins, daughter of Rachel and Anthony Adkins, born Dec. 14; weight: 7 lbs., 4 oz.


Samuel Jase Cooke, son of Ashleigh and Michael Cooke, born Dec. 16; weight: 7 lbs., 5 oz.