Mission and Goals

Grasping my hand while making my daily chaplain visits, a lonely man genuinely thanked me for visiting him at that point in his “journey to recovery.”


It occurred to me that everyone is on a journey, from the baby we pray for in the NICU, to patients in palliative care, to the nurses and caregivers who work so faithfully to help restore health.


Often going through sickness or trouble causes us to think about our lives and our personal journeys; where we are and where we are going! That’s why it is important to remember our mission at PMC, “To provide world-class quality health care in a Christian environment.”


Our most immediate goals are restoring health and saving lives, but we also realize that a life worth living must also include Christ. As you reflect on this, remember we are praying that all our patients, staff, families and visitors will have lives worth living and that your journey will one day end in glory.


~ PMC Chaplain Mark Tackett may be reached at 606-218-3969.