Medical Leader to cease operations April 6

PIKEVILLE — Pikeville Medical Center (PMC), announces that the Medical Leader, a weekly newspaper published by the hospital, will cease operations on April 6, 2018. 

Established in 1999, the Medical Leader has evolved from its original 10-page tabloid into a vibrant and effective award-winning paper, providing readers with positive hospital and community news.

“The Medical Leader and its staff have been a voice for the region for quite some time,” said PMC CEO Donovan Blackburn.  “But PMC is at an important turning point in our marketing strategy, and with our brand as a whole.  We are evaluating every expense, including marketing, to make sure we are being effective and strategic with our message.”  

A new website expected to launch in early April is just one of the many pieces of PMC’s digital presence that is being given new life.  “Every aspect of your experience should leave you with an excellent impression of the world-class care that’s provided, and that includes your visit to our website.”   

With placing more emphasis on digital and social media PMC hopes to better connect with patients, their families and the region.

“Shifting our focus will allow us to continue to build a trusted relationship on a digital platform where it’s easier to connect directly with those we help and the region we serve,” said Blackburn.