NEW LEADERSHIP: Kevin Lee McIver, center, poses with members of the Public Relations, Medical Leader and Printing departments following his hiring as director of public relations.
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McIver named Public Relations director

Abigail Gibson

PIKEVILLE — Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Lee McIver as the Director of Public Relations.


Prior to joining PMC, McIver served in federal government and the military, including managing communications for two Veterans Affairs hospitals. His management experience includes leading strategic communication programs in health care, military, aviation, maritime, natural resource, conservation and for non-profit organizations.


“I am elated to be working for PMC President and Chief Executive Officer Walter E. May and Chief Operating Officer Juanita Deskins who are pillars of our community—entrusted with leading world-class, quality health care in the region nearly half-million people strong.”


McIver said he is also proud to work with PMC’s highly-skilled physicians, nurses and other professionals who work tirelessly to provide eastern Kentucky, West Virginia and southwest Virginia with compassionate care in a Christian environment.


As PMC moves closer to nearly a century of serving the region, McIver looks forward to fostering communication with patients and partners.


“As we move toward this historic Centennial,” said McIver, “I’m extremely proud to be working with PMC’s award-winning Public Relations, Medical Leader and Printing Department staff to achieve our communication mission that supports timely and efficient delivery of health care to our patients and that is supported by our wonderful partners.”


McIver is married to his wife, Amy Theriault, who begins medical school with this year’s entering class at the University of Pikeville. They enjoy hiking and participating in events such as the SOAR 5K. His son Leo lives in Maryland, where he is also an avid outdoorsman.