LIVING HEALTHY: Pikeville Medical Center Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Bill Harris examines patient Jack Martin during a recent checkup at PMC's Heart and Vascular Institute.
Medical Leader│Photo by CAROL CASEBOLT

Martin: 'Dr. Harris is the best'

Jack Martin of Mousie, is always ready to tell his respect and appreciation for Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) Heart and Vascular Institute's Interventional Cardiologist, Bill Harris, M.D.


Martin says he first saw Dr. Harris when he was practicing in Lexington, in 1986.


After 31 years of cardiac care, Martin says, "Dr. Harris is the best."


"I met Jack Martin when he had a rather large anterior heart attack," said Dr. Harris. "He was a little sick to begin with and it took a while to stabilize him. Jack is the perfect example of somebody who wants to take care of himself. Even after having a big heart attack, they can do well. "


As soon as Martin discovered Dr. Harris was moving to PMC, he had his medical records transferred and made plans to continue seeing him in Pikeville.


Martin says after his first heart attack, Dr. Harris came in the room, sat down on the bed and thoroughly explained everything.


"That is why I think he is very special," said Martin. "He takes the time to make sure I understand what is going on and what I need to do to take care of my heart. I could not have asked for any better doctor. He is just unreal. He brought me back to life three times."


Martin bragged on Dr. Harris and his light-hearted, positive approach to patient care. He says he likes the way Dr. Harris always makes a funny remark or joke to keep everyone's spirits high as he leaves their room.


Martin is committed to following the directions Dr. Harris gives him.


Dr. Harris said, "Jack has always managed his weight, exercised and taken his medications properly. He has done everything in the world to help himself and I think it is because of that, from a statistical stand point, he has done much better than you would have predicted 31 years ago."


Martin says, "One thing is for sure, Dr. Harris cannot help you if you do not help yourself. I follow his directions, eat right and exercise."


Martin is very active. He works in his garden, walks every day, works with weight training to strengthen his legs and occasionally will make his way to the garage to do a little automotive body work.


Martin is a husband, father and grandfather who values life and strives to live it to the fullest.


Dr. Harris said, "He is a wonderful guy. He has a supportive family and has been a wonderful patient to care for."


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