RIBBON CUTTING: The area's newest Blessing Box was unveiled during a ribbon-cutting ceremony outside the Pikeville City Police Department on Jan. 8.
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Latest Blessing Box opens outside police station in Pikeville

Abigail Gibson

PIKEVILLE — The City of Pikeville held an unveiling of the Pikeville City Blessing Box during a ceremony held outside the police station on Jan. 8.


The motto is simple – Take what you need, and leave what you can.


"The blessing box began because there were individuals in the community who wanted to serve," Pikeville City Commissioner Kim May-Downey said.


Individuals were making baskets and bags of supplies to give to people in need.


"The items were being taken to different places, like underneath bridges and other unsafe places," she said. "My concern became how people can do good things without putting themselves at risk or in danger, to make sure people who really need it have access to it."


City officials wanted to provide a safe place where things can be left and a safe place where things can be picked up by those who need it.


May-Downey said there is a need in our community for people who are unable to purchase food, toiletries and other items.


"This country has a problem with hunger, and with this blessing box in our community, we are trying to find ways to alleviate the issues of hunger for seniors, adults and also children," she said.


She praised first responders for playing a large role in this project.


"I want to thank our first responders who have taken on this challenge in constructing the blessing box on off-the-clock hours. I am so thankful for their hard work and dedication. They are so devoted to this community and serving this community," she said.


May-Downey said it's a fantastic feeling to see the blessing box is already off to a good start.


"I'm absolutely thrilled that the blessing box has been so well received by our community," she concluded. "It will be exciting to see what changes that it can bring into our community and the needs it can fulfill."


The City of Pikeville is also working on placing another blessing box at Fire Station One on Chloe Road, and is projected to be completed in the spring.