KFC: Re-dedication brings old look back to Pikeville

Abigail Gibson

PIKEVILLE – Doug and Barry Knipp have been very successful with their Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) franchises in Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. They started with three KFC stores in 1999 and now have 17 in operation.


The Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and KFC recently partnered together to host a grand re-opening and ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate their newly renovated restaurant in Pikeville.


"What we are doing here today is re-dedicating KFC and our $400,000 remodel project," Doug Knipp said. "It's our continued commitment to the community and Pike County that we're here to stay."


He said this makes their 52nd year.


"We're kicking off our new look, which is a throwback look of KFC of the past. I've been with KFC right at 40 years. I worked for KFC Corporate for 22 years and then I became an independent owner," Knipp said.


He said the thing that has never changed is the fried chicken, which is made with a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.


"KFC has been known as a home replacement meal, something that someone can get to eat like they would have at home. Over the years, we've got more into everyday desirables. More food that is portable, snackable and foods that you can eat on-the-go," Knipp said.


He said they have three restaurants all together in Pikeville.


"Along with my brother and me, we own 17 KFC's, two Taco Bell's and four Steak 'N Shake's," Knipp said.


Their franchise, KSK Management, Inc., and Tri-State Food Systems, Inc. employs more than 500 people in the Tri-State and eastern Kentucky area.


Knipp said he loves Pikeville and the people.


"Having this celebration of our new look today is great. The people here are so inviting, welcoming and are so involved," he concluded. "People are so engaged and you can see the pride that everyone takes in their town."


For more information, visit kfc.com or call 606-324-5421.