Holy scars

Proud of his scar from a wreck on his bike, the little boy asked the preacher if he would like to see his “booboo.”


Some proudly display their battle scars while others try to hide them. Scars are descriptive and tell of past injuries or testify to present healing.


The touching story in Luke 24:40 of Jesus showing the disciples His hands and His feet is noteworthy. The gospel is told by His holy scars; telling the price of sin, the great love of God and the power of grace and sacrifice!


Christ’s scars proclaim that he won the greatest battle for the souls of mankind. The awfulness and injury of the crucifixion is followed by the glory and restoration of the resurrection.


The Word of God says “by his stripes we are healed”. What a marvelous story of the price, power and provision that is declared by His scars. Let us remember because of that Easter morning, we will one day rise to be with Him in glory.




~ PMC Chaplain Mark Tackett may be reached at 606-218-3969.