Filing deadline passes for upcoming primary election

Abigail Gibson

PIKEVILLE — Political candidates had until Jan. 30 to file for office for the upcoming primary election set for May 22 in Kentucky.

In Floyd, Pike and Letcher counties, the judge-executive races each have three or more candidates, and races for other prominent offices have attracted several hopefuls.

Here is a breakdown of each county:

Floyd County

There will be no contest during the 2018 election of Prestonsburg Mayor Les Stapleton, County Clerk Chris Waugh, Coroner Greg Nelson, Property Valuation Administrator Connie Hancock, Commonwealth Attorney Arnold Brent Turner or County Attorney Keith Bartley. These officials are the sole candidates for their respective offices.

Races for other Floyd County offices drew in a crowd.

Current Judge-Executive Ben Hale, a Blue River resident and democrat who has served in his position since 2015 and previously from 1995-1999, will compete against Prestonsburg resident Marvin “Bryan” Lafferty and James “Jimmy” Rose of Martin.

In other Floyd County races:

Jailer Stuart Halbert, of Prestonsburg, will face candidate Glennis Caudill of Melvin.

Four people are seeking office of district one magistrate. Mark D. Crider, John A. Goble, David A. Gearheart and Richmond Jervis Jr. of Prestonsburg.

In the race for district two magistrate, Todd Hansford of Wayland, Randy R. Davis of David and George Ousley of Eastern will face on another.

There are three candidates in the race for district three magistrate. Democrats Ryan Slone of Drift, Warren Jarrell of Printer and Mike Tackett of Wheelwright.

Running for district four magistrate, Ronnie Akers will face democrat Lennix Cola Ray Akers from Harold, William L. Slone from Dana in the primary election. George Hall, a democrat from Grethel, is also seeking the office.

In the race for district one constable, democrat Larry E. Jarrell will face Bobby Hamilton, an independent candidate from Prestonsburg, and Auxier democrat Willie Callaham.

Democrats Samuel Duncan and Gary Nelson are campaigning for district two constable.

The district three constable has attracted four candidates: Joey Collins, Bobby Page and Ernie Ray Moore from McDowell and Willie Hall from Melvin.

Green Wakeland of Printer and Allred Newsom of Grethel are district four constable candidates. 

Circuit Court Clerk democrat Douglas Ray Hall from Drift will face democrat Donald Daniels II from Melvin.

Pike County

The Pike County judge-executive drew in a familiar candidate and state official.

There will be no contest for the election of county judge-executive Ray Jones II, democrat from Pikeville, Mayor James A. Carter, Magistrate Colby Kiser, Property Valuation Administrator Lonnie Osborne, Commonwealth Attorney Billy G. Slone and Circuit Court Clerk Anna Pinson Spears are the only candidates seeking a seat in their respective offices this year.

Several other political offices attracted candidates this year.

All Pikeville City commissioners are seeking re-election, and they have plenty of competition.

Former commissioners Bob Shurtleff, Steve Hartsock, Patrick McNamee and Kim May-Downey will face Allison Powers, Alvin D. Newsome and Harold Justice in the primary.

Pike County Sheriff Rodney Scott has an opponent in the upcoming election. He will campaign against republican Keith D. Justice for the seat.

Pike County Jailer Brian Morris of Pikeville is facing residents Jamey Kidd and Troy Fraziee.

Pike County Coroner Russell Roberts Jr. is facing Brenda Kaye Bentley Johnson and Brianna J.L. Rutherford in this election.

Seventeen people are seeking the offices of county commissioner.

Seven people are running for the office of district one county commissioner: Willard Conn, Eric Spartman, Joseph Adkins, James Blankenship, Ronnie Robertson, Harold Justice and Eric Spartman.

In the race for district two county commissioner, Ralph E. Mullins of Dorton, Johnny Tackett of Jenkins, Everette Johnson of Dorton, Jason Tackett of Jenkins, Robert D. Adkins of Elkhorn City, Clinard Adkins of Elkhorn City and Alvin Newsome of Pikeville. 

There are four candidates in the race for district three county commissioner. Democrats Brian Booth of Hardy, Earl Thacker of Kimper and Ethan Thacker of Canada will face republican Jarrod Tyler Smith of Phelps.

County Attorney Howard Keith Hall is facing Rachel E. Ratliff in this election.

Roger Ford, Darrell W. Pugh, Jennifer Gillespie Hall, Rhonda Taylor and Ernestine Damron will face one another for county clerk.

In the race for district 1 constable, democrats Danny Scott will face Nicholas Hamilton, Curtis L. Hall and Joshua Blevins.

Democrats Danny Taylor of Belcher and Steven Childers of Gap will face Josh Little, republican of Virgie in the District two constable.

The district three constable candidates are: William Thomas McCoy and Johnny Fields.

Letcher County

Letcher County Judge-Executive Jim. T. Ward of Whitesburg, will compete against Winston Meade of Isom. 

Circuit Court Clerk democrats Mike Watts of Letcher and Larry Adams of Whitesburg will face republican Janet Ratliff of Jeremiah.

The district one constable attracted one candidate, democrat Roger Eldridge of Whitesburg and the district three attracted one candidate, democrat Jesse Lee Bates.

Republicans Robert Collins and Austin Blaine Johnson are campaigning for district two constable.

In the race for district three constable, Harvey Campbell and Terry Perkins will face one another.

County Clerk Winston Meade is facing Patty Jo Wood in this election.

Letcher County Jailer has five candidates: Luther R. Tackett, Jeffrey Layne Mullins, Bert Slone Jr., Kenneth R. Anderson and William Gibson.

Two people are seeking office of district one magistrate. Jack D. Banks and Bobby Ray Howard.

In the race for district two magistrate, Roger Nease of Whitesburg, Mike Hall of Deane, Sherry Kay Sexton of Deane, James Bradford Collie of Jeremiah and Therman Begley Jr., of Whitesburg.

There are five candidates in the race for district three magistrate. Republicans Maverick Cook of Mayking, Leonard Tackett of Cromona, Dallas Adams of Whitesburg and democrats Woody Holbrook Sr. of Mayking and Emory Mullins of Neon.

Running for district four magistrate is William Smith, Roger Back, Robert Howard, Kenny Whitehead, Melody Coots, JR Banks and Larry E. Jones.

Running for district five magistrate, Bernie McCall will face Steve Vernon Addington in the primary election.

One person is seeking office for district seven magistrate, democrat Codell Gibson of Ermine.

Letcher County Sheriff has three candidates, Mickey Stines of McRoberts, D.L. Hammonds of Neon and Carlus Eugene Slone of Ermine in the upcoming election.

Republican Richard G. Brown and democrat Ricky Rose will campaign against one another for the Property Valuation Administrator seat.

There will be no contest for the election of County Attorney Billy James Hatton, Coroner Renee Campbell or Commonwealth Attorney Edison G. Bank II. These are the only candidates seeking a seat this year.


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