Family dream becomes reality

Abigail Gibson

Ryan Jones had plenty of time to think during a drive through the Appalachian Mountains to visit family in Virginia.


“I was driving to visit my sister in Wise, Va., and was thinking about starting a cold brew business on my way there,” he said. “I did some research on cold brew and knew it was one of the hottest trends in the coffee industry today.”


When he arrived at his sister’s house, he noticed a bucket of coffee beans soaking in water and asked what she was doing.


“I have been doing some research on cold brew and thought I would give it a try to see how it tastes,” Sarah Lawson said.


Minutes later her husband, Brett, walked through the door and everyone jumped on board to take the leap to start the business. They immediately began making an outline of what they needed.


Lincoln Road Cold Brew Coffee was established in August 2015.


“One evening Brett came over to my house to pick something up,” Jones said. “When he began to leave he told me not to forget to try some of that Lincoln Road Cold Brew. From then on, the name stuck.”


Lincoln Road is the name of the road where everything is brewed, bottled and distributed.


The company offers cold brew coffee in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains and is comprised of the three southwest Virginia natives.


Cold brew coffee is created when coarse ground coffee beans are steeped in cold water for an extended period of time to pull out the bold, rich, sweet and nutty coffee flavors.


“Ours is steeped for 24 hours and infused with nitrogen to extract a less acidic, rich, bold, less bitter and flavor-filled coffee,” Jones said. “Our coffee beans are fair trade and organic beans that are carefully selected from a farm in Guatemala. The beans are shipped to Zazzy’s Roasters in Abingdon, Va., to roast and are picked up the same day.”


Lincoln Road’s Straight Up Cold Brew can be found in local retail stores, 14 regional Food City stores and online.


“Currently, we do not have a retail space. However, we do have a coffee trailer that we travel around in to sell our coffee with several different flavors on draft. We are trying out a few different flavors right now that you’ll hopefully see in stores next year,” Jones said.


“Our product is made for you to enjoy however you wish,” Jones said. “You can drink our cold brew by heating it up, pour over ice, mix it or drink it straight up.”


Jones said they’re looking to increase their brewing capacity and hit more stores in 2018.


“My family comes from an entrepreneurial background and I was inspired and influenced by my father. I thought it would be a great way to make a quality product while also telling the story of the Appalachian Mountains,” said Jones. “Wherever this business goes, we want to tell the story of where we’re from and where we got our start.”


His favorite thing about the business is being able to do what he is passionate about while also providing a good quality product for people to enjoy.


They will be attending the Best Friend Festival in downtown Norton, Va. on June 16 from 10-11 p.m.


For more information and to view upcoming events, visit To place an order call or text 276-275-3633, or email