Don’t Panic

In Exodus 14, the children of Israel find themselves in a seemingly impossible situation. They were faced with water in front and the Egyptian army behind. As many of us do in a crisis, they panicked.  Yet, God brought them out of slavery and they crossed through the Red Sea on dry land.

As a child I took the old Batman sitcom very seriously. It seemed at the end they were doomed. They would find themselves in a seemingly impossible situation and then it would say: to be continued. But the real Batman fans knew it was not the end for Batman. So, we didn’t get too anxious. The next episode always began with them in the same predicament. Somehow Batman always escaped with Robin. We as Christians, know how the story ends. We win! So, no matter how bad it gets, we must remember the big picture. I think the Children of Israel forgot the big picture… how about you?

~ PMC Chaplain Larry Penix may be reached at 606-218-3969.