From darkness to light

PMC Chaplain Chris Gilley

If you’ve never been to Mammoth cave, I encourage you to visit and take the night tour of the cave system. I had that opportunity and was able to travel from the portal to the depths of the cave system and then taken into a room and told to sit down.  The door was shut and the lights were extinguished. 

The room became completely dark and your eyes began to adapt in an attempt to find an inkling of light. The park staff gave us a few moments for our eyes to adjust and then lit a lantern in the center of the room. Once lit, that small lantern became a glowing light that filled the room.

Christ is like that light.  No matter how dark our lives may seem, Christ always brings light into the darkness.  We need only to open ourselves to Him and ask him to fill our lives with his presence.

~ PMC Chaplain Chris Gilley may be reached at 606-218-3969.