Bring others closer

Have you found a way to connect to the Divine? If you have, it probably did not happen in a vacuum. I would venture to guess there were other people involved in connecting you with God. I hope you can take a moment to recall one or two of these people in your life. These folks became a bridge that let you safely move closer to God.


Just as we have those who have helped us connect with God, there are also people who distract us from thinking about or pursuing a relationship with the Divine. Take a moment to consider one of those people in your life that has been a barrier between you and God.


I invite you to ask yourself the question I pose to myself, “Which am I.” Realize we can be either a barrier, a bridge or both. Don’t fool yourself and think we can ask the question once either. We must ask ourselves often and then pray that we can find ourselves a bridge to bring others closer to God.






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