Ky. Afield

FRANKFORT — With much of Kentucky covered in a sundae made of snow topped with a crust of ice, fishing season seems millennia away.

The sun gets higher in the southern sky with each passing day; it is only a matter of time before this horrible weather pattern breaks. Use this dark and cold time to prepare for the inevitable coming of the spring fishing season.

Get your gear organized. While we change lures or rigs in haste while fishing, most of us just shove things such as bags of soft plastic lures, jigs or leaders into the first pocket in our tackle bag we find.

For most anglers, the tackle bag goes onto a shelf in the garage in fall until fishing season begins the next spring. Take the time now to get out all of your tackle and go through it. Throw away torn up soft plastic lures, replace worn spinnerbait or jig skirts and put everything back where it belongs. Then, you can actually find the lures or tackle when you need them this spring.

Organizing your tackle is especially important if you fish for different species from different platforms such as fishing from a motor boat for largemouth bass, wading for trout in the Cumberland River or floating for stream smallmouth bass in a canoe or kayak. Your tackle and lures easily grow into mishmash by the end of the fishing year.

Use closeout season to upgrade your fishing rods or reels. The large catalog outfitters routinely clearance many of their fishing items at this time of year to make room for new models. Earlier models of reels or rods usually perform just as well as the new models. Remember, those same rods and reels were cutting edge when they debuted on the market, usually just a couple of years ago. You can often find them at a steep discount, sometimes 50 percent or more off the original price right now.

This is a great time to buy closeout lures as well as steeply discounted fishing waders, wade boots and fishing vests. It is also a good time to buy deer or waterfowl hunting gear at great prices.

The clearance season is a good time for journeyman anglers to specialize their rods and reels. When most of us start fishing, we use one or two rods for all of our fishing, regardless of species sought or water body fished.  They are all we have. As fishing experience develops your skill level to a higher plane, the one or two rod approach doesn’t work anymore. You don’t want to fish jigs in heavy cover for largemouth bass with a light power rod or use a medium-heavy power rod for crappie.

Remember the difference between a rod’s power and action. The power of a rod determines what fishing situation the rod’s design allows. For example, a light power spinning rod usually handles from 4- to 8-pound test line and lures from 1/16-ounce to 5/16-ounce. This rod is a poor choice for throwing ½-ounce jigs into heavy cover for largemouth bass, but great for fishing 1/8-ounce tube jigs for stream smallmouth bass.

The bend point of the rod determines its action. Extra fast action rods bend mostly in the tip section, making them extremely sensitive and good for bottom presentations in deep water. Fast action rods bend mostly in the upper one-third of the rod and provide backbone for hook sets and fighting fish, but still allowing some forgiveness.

Moderate action rods make excellent live bait rods as their softness doesn’t rip bait off the hook, but they still have enough strength in the lower half of the rod to battle a fish. A slow action rod bends for most of its length and is used mainly for casting live bait a long distance.

Match the power and action of a rod to the fishing situation when upgrading rods.

Respool all of your reels. Line is the only connection between the fish and you. It is also relatively cheap. You can respool a reel with monofilament line for less than the cost of a large candy bar. Fluorocarbon lines cost much more, but a respool with even the highest end fluorocarbon line costs less than one fast food lunch. Fishing line weakens with exposure to sunlight, water and use. Old line will let you down when you can afford it least. Avoid the gut punch that comes with breaking off huge largemouth bass, catfish, striped bass or trout because you didn’t replace old, worn line.

Finally, study maps of the lakes or rivers you plan to fish this coming year. Most anglers feel more comfortable fishing structures they can see. Fishing visual structure puts you at the end of a long line of anglers.

Map study illuminates underwater humps, points that extend well out into the lake and river rock bars known only to ship captains. The farther from shore you can find fishable structures, the more likely you are to find trophies.

Trophy fish flee human activity. They don’t grow large by being caught. Find subtle offshore areas to fish and separate from the crowd.

Get organized, upgrade your rods, respool your reels and spend a few icy February evenings with a cup of hot chocolate and a map in your lap. You’ll have a leg up on spring fishing when this long, horrid winter finally ends.

Medical Leader | TEDDY PAYNTER
LOOSE BALL: Prestonsburg guard Jarredd Jarrell (floor) battles with Betsy Layne’s Lako Daniels (20) for the basketball during the 58th District Tournament championship game on Feb. 28. The Bobcats topped the Blackcats.

PRESTONSBURG — Betsy Layne used balanced scoring to pull away from Prestonsburg in the second half and roll to a 67-52 win in the 58th District Tournament championship game at Prestonsburg Fieldhouse on Feb. 28.

Betsy Layne, now 26-5, won its 16th district tournament championship, the most of any school in the 58th District.

The Bobcats played without starting guard Dylan Meade who was sidelined with a high ankle sprain that was suffered in Betsy Layne’s win over South Floyd on Feb. 25.

Betsy Layne took the early lead against the Blackcats (14-17) and never trailed the entire game.

Peyton Case, the tournament’s most valuable player, scored 13 points along with Dustin Rogers and Andrew Tackett to lead the Bobcats. Dalton Meade tossed in 12 and Dylan Hamilton added 10.

The Blackcats were paced by Dalton Frasure’s game-high 15 points. Jarredd Jarrell followed with 14 and Grant Martin chipped in eight.

Both teams advanced to the regional tournament.

At Prestonsburg

(58th District Championship)


P’burg (14-17).12  11  12  18 – 53

BL (26-5)..........18  13  16  20 – 67


Prestonsburg (53) – Dalton Frasure 15, Jarredd Jarrell 14, Grant Martin 8, Jarrin Hall 8, Aaron Foley 4, Bailey Slone 3 and Scott Stapleton 1.Totals: 17(2) 13-20 53.

Betsy Layne (67) – Peyton Case 13, Dustin Rogers 13, Andrew Tackett 13, Dalton Meade 12, Dylan Hamilton 10 and Lako Daniels 6. Totals: 25(4) 5-9 67.

All Conference Team: Galvin Greene (Piarist); Michael Martin and Tyler Daniels (South Floyd); Junior Handshoe, Cameron Hamilton and Austin Salisbury (Allen Central); Jarredd Jarrell, Dalton Frasure, Jarrin Hall and Aaron Foley (Prestonsburg); Dylan Meade, Dylan Hamilton, Lako Daniels and Dustin Rogers (Betsy Layne).

Player of the Year: Peyton Case (Betsy Layne)

All-Tournament Team: Tyler Stumbo (Piarist); Austin Bailey and J.R. Tackett (South Floyd); Devon Horn and Cameron Hamilton (Allen Central); Jarredd Jarrell, Jarrin Hall and Dalton Frasure (Prestonsburg); Dylan Hamilton, Dalton Meade, Dustin Rogers and Andrew Tackett (Betsy Layne).

Tournament MVP: Peyton Case (Betsy Layne).


Allen Central.....61

PRESTONSBURG — Prestonsburg’s Grant Martin hit the game-winning shot along the left baseline with 4.3 seconds remaining to lift the Blackcats to a thrilling 63-61 win over Allen Central in the 58th District Tournament semifinals at Prestonsburg Fieldhouse on Feb. 26.

The Rebels, who finished 13-13, had one last chance to tie or win, but had a shot broken up. Allen Central has now not reached the regional tournament since 2008, the longest streak of any 58th District school.

Meanwhile, the Blackcats punched its ticket to the regional tournament for the third straight year.

Jarredd Jarrell led Prestonsburg (14-16) with a game-high 22 points. Dalton Frasure added 15 and Jarrin Hall chipped in nine.

Cameron Hamilton paced the Rebels with 18 points while Devon Horn added 13. Junior Handshoe and Austin Salisbury tossed in eight each.

At Prestonsburg

(58th District Tournament)


AC (13-13).......13  23    9  16 – 61

P’burg (14-16).12  23  16  12 – 63


Allen Central (61) – Cameron Hamilton 18, Devon Horn 13, Junior Handshoe 8, Austin Salisbury 8, Mason Nelson 7, Jared Hamilton 3, Braxton Tackett 2 and Jordan Akers 2. Totals: 23(2) 9-19 61.

Prestonsburg (63) – Jarredd Jarrell 22, Dalton Frasure 15, Jarrin Hall 9, Aaron Foley 5, Jordan Ray 4, Grant Martin 4, Scott Stapleton 2 and Blake LeMaster 2. Totals: 18(5) 12-25 63.


Allen Central.....45

Betsy Layne.......42

PRESTONSBURG — Allen Central held on in the second half to turn back Betsy Layne, 45-42, in the 58th District Tournament championship at Prestonsburg Fieldhouse on Feb. 27.

The Lady Rebels, now 13-9, captured their second straight tournament title. They last repeated as champs in 1996-97. It was Allen Central’s 16th championship.

Allen Central landed three starters in double-figure scoring as Sarah Rife, the tournament’s most valuable player, led the way with a game-high 16 points. Krista Parsons added 11 and Elizabeth Prater scored 10.

Chloe Johnson paced the Lady Bobcats (10-19) with 15 points. Katie Tackett tossed in 11.

Both teams advanced to the regional tournament.

At Prestonsburg

(58th District Championship)


BL (10-19)..........7  12  14    9 – 42

AC (13-9).........14  11    9  11 – 45


Betsy Layne (42) – Chloe Johnson 15, Katie Tackett 11, Brandy Morrow 7, Kelsi Tackett 4, Emily Kidd 3 and Megan Frazier 2. Totals: 12(3) 9-15 42.

Allen Central (45) – Sarah Rife 16, Krista Parsons 11, Elizabeth Prater 10, Brooklyn Martin 5, DeShea Elliott 2 and Kasey Poston 1. Totals: 19 7-12 45.

All Conference Team: Brook Potter (South Floyd); Cathryn Calhoun and Lauren Wright (Piarist); Jana Jarvis, Tiffany Meadows and Allyson DeRossett (Prestonsburg); Emily Kidd, Brandy Morrow, Chloe Johnson and Kelsi Tackett (Betsy Layne); DeShea Elliott, Brooklyn Martin, Krista Parsons and Elizabeth Prater (Allen Central).

Player of the Year: Sarah Rife (Allen Central).

All Tournament Team: Taylor Berger (South Floyd); Cathryn Calhoun and Shelby Lemaster (Piarist); Jana Jarvis and Tiffany Meadows (Prestonsburg); Brandy Morrow, Chloe Johnson and Kelsi Tackett (Betsy Layne); Brooklyn Martin, DeShea Elliott, Elizabeth Prater and Krista Parsons (Allen Central).

Tournament MVP: Sarah Rife (Allen Central).

Betsy Layne.......53


PRESTONSBURG —  Betsy Layne and Prestonsburg combined for 68 fouls in a game that saw the Lady Cats score a 53-44 win in the 58th District Tournament semifinals at Prestonsburg Fieldhouse on Feb. 26.

The Lady Cats, now 10-18, shot 51  total free throws as the two teams combined for 79 total.

Five Prestonsburg (8-22) players fouled out of the game, including two starters.

Brandy Morrow poured in a game-high 16 points to lead Betsy Layne. Emily Kidd followed with 10 and Katie Tackett added nine.

Tiffany Meadows and Jana Jarvis led the Lady Blackcats with 10 points each. Allyson DeRossett and Maddy Ousley added six apiece.

At Prestonsburg

(58th District Tournament)


P’burg (8-22).....3  13  12  16 – 44

BL (10-18)..........9  17  13  14 – 53


Prestonsburg (44) – Jana Jarvis 10, Tiffany Meadows 10, Allyson DeRossett 6, Maddy Ousley 6, Shantele Collins 4, Reesce Endiott 4, Lauren Click 2, Jackie Kidd 1 and Madison Rainey 1. Totals: 12(2) 15-28 44.

Betsy Layne (53) – Brandy Morrow 16, Emily Kidd 10, Katie Tackett 9, Kelsi Tackett 7, Eddi Akers 7 and Chloe Johnson 4. Totals: 15(2) 15-51 53.

Medical Leader | TEDDY PAYNTER
INSIDE FORCE: Shelby Valley’s Cody Belter and the Wildcats are back in the 15th Region Tournament as a No. 1 seed after knocking off East Ridge in the 59th District Tournament finals at T.W. Oliver Memorial Gymnasium on Feb. 26.

PIKEVILLE — Shelby Valley boys and girls captured 59th District championships with victories over East Ridge and Pikeville at T.W. Oliver Memorial Gymnasium on Feb. 26.

The Wildcats knock-ed off East Ridge, 61-53, while the Lady Kats held off Pikeville, 48-42.

Here is a recap of those wins:

Shelby Valley......61

East Ridge.........53

Shelby Valley jumped out to an eight-point lead after the opening quarter and made it stand up in the title game win over East Ridge.

Tyler Carr paced the Wildcats (18-10) with a game-high 20 points. Dalton Richardson followed with 14 and Cody Belter added 13.

East Ridge was led by Michael Field’s 18 points. Johnny Miller added 10 and Tony Wolter chipped in nine as the Warriors fell to 16-10.

Both teams advanced to this week’s regional tournament.

At Pikeville

(59th District Championship)


ER (16-10)........10  12  13  18 – 53

SV (18-10)........18  12  14  17 – 61


East Ridge (53) – Johnny Miller 10, Michael Fields 18, Tony Wolter 9, Patrick Coleman 3, Austin Hylton 4, Jacob Skeens 6 and Jacob Chaney 3.

Shelby Valley (61) – Tyler Carr 20, Dalton Richardson 14, Corey Hamilton 2, Andrew Newsome 6, Cody Belter 13 and Hunter Swindall 6.

Shelby Valley.....48


Shelby Valley pulled away from Pikeville in the final eight minutes to score the hard-fought win in the title game.

Taylor Rowe hit for 11 points to lead the Lady Kats, now 21-6. Courtney Wright added 10, including eight in the final quarter. Lakyn Mullins chipped in nine and Savannah Honaker tallied eight.

Emma Looney scored a game-high 15 points for the Lady Panthers, now 19-12. Savanna Nunemaker followed with 10 while Alexa Gearheart tossed in nine.

Both teams advanced to this week’s regional tournament.

At Pikeville

(59th District Championship)


SV (21-6)..........12  12  13  11 – 48

PHS (19-12).....13    8  14    7 – 42


Shelby Valley (48) – Rachel Smith 4, Courtney Wright 10, Taylor Rowe 11, Savannah Honaker 8, Sydney Jones 2, Destiny Anderson 2, Lindsay Proffitt 2 and Laykn Mullins 9.

Pikeville (42) – Rachel Potter 6, Rachel Blackburn 2, Alexa Gearheart 9, Emma Looney 15 and Savanna Nunemaker 10.

SHERMAN, W.Va. — Sherman’s Jordan Lewis made a late 3-pointer and a foul shot to lift the Tide over the visiting Tug Valley Lady Panthers, 54-51, in the Class A Region 3 Section 1 championship on Feb. 28.

Lewis finished with 15 points and Bayless Harless tossed in 18 to lead Sherman.

Adreana Vance paced the Panthers with 18 points.

Both teams advanced to regional play this week.


Mingo Cent........26

LOGAN, W.Va. —Class AA power Scott dominated from start to finish as the Lady Skyhawks cruised past Mingo Central, 64-26, in the Region 4, Section 2 matchup at Willie Akers Arena on Feb. 26.

Ashley Curry was the only player to net in double figures for the Lady Miners, who fell to 11-12. Curry scored 11.

Scott, now 16-5, was led by Ali Whitman’s 18 points.

Madlyin Weeks tossed in 16 and Landyn McKinney scored 15 for the Lady Skyhawks.

At Logan, W.Va.

(Class AA, Region 4, Section 2)


MC (11-12)........6   10    6    4 – 26

Scott (16-5)......18  12  15  19 – 64


Mingo Central (26) – Ashley Curry 11, Tyshira Joplin 6, Jaida Taylor 4, Hannah Church 3 and Catlyn Cantrell 2.

Scott (64) – Madlyin Weeks 16, Ali Whitman 18, Landyn McKinney 15, Jaimee Dotson 6, Andrea Rankin 6 and Blair Byrnside 2.

Tug Valley..........50


MAN, W.Va. — Tug Valley advanced to the Region 3, Section 1 championship game following a 50-40 win over Man’s Lady Billies at Man Middle School Gymnasium on Feb. 25.

The Lady Panthers, now 8-11, saw a double-digit lead erased by Man (9-12) before outstanding the home team 14-4 over the final eight minutes.

Adreanna Vance paced Tug Valley with 17 points.

Hannah Armstrong tossed in 14 and Taylor Parsley added 10.

Man’s Mika McCoy scored 17 to share game-high honors with Vance.

Morgan Conn tallied 11.

At Man, W.Va.

(Class 1A, Region 3, Section 1)


TV (8-11).........12  12  12  14 – 50

Man (9-12).........4  13  19    4 – 40


Tug Valley (50) – Adreanna Vance 17, Hannah Armstrong 14, Taylor Parsley 10, Madison May 3, Katie Robinson 2, Summer Wilson 2 and Elizabeth Dotson 2.

Man (40) – Mika McCoy 17, Morgan Conn 11, Tessa Mullins 7, Hunter Harvey 3 and Hannah Harvey 2.

Medical Leader | TEDDY PAYNTER
HOME FINALE: University of Pikeville’s Kenny Manigualt (3) goes in for a layup against St. Catharine on March 1. Below, UPIKE’s Cheyenne Madden attempts to score against St. Cath’s Sasha Ruiz-Lopez. Both the men and women scored wins.

PIKEVILLE — It was the perfect ending to a record-setting regular season for the University of Pikeville Bears.

Bruce Reed poured in 36 points and UPIKE led from start to finish in dismantling St. Catharine, 95-77, at the East Kentucky Exposition Center on March 1.

The Bears finished up the regular season with the most wins in school history (27) and the most Mid-South Conference wins with 17. UPIKE finished unbeaten at home.

Josh Whitaker led three other Bears in double figures with 19 points. Chris Cantino followed with 15 and John Nunnally tossed in 10.

St. Catharine (17-11) was paced by Raymon Austin’s 27 points. William Tolefree added 15.

The Bears opened MSC Tournament play last night against Lindsey Wilson College in Lebanon, Tenn.

At Pikeville


SC (17-11)....................25  52 – 77

UP (27-2)......................51  44 – 95


St. Catharine (77) – William Tolefree 5(1) 2-4 15; Raymon Austin 9 9-12 27; Nick Porter 0 1-2 1; Taron Franklin 6 1-1 13; Chris Johnson 1(1) 6-8 11; William Bailey 2(1) 0-0 7; Tyler Smothers 0 1-2 1; and Julito Hutchinson 1 0-0 2. Totals: 24(3) 20-29 77.

UPIKE (95) – Bruce Reed 12(1) 9-9 36; Chris Cantino 7 1-8 15; Josh Whitaker 5(3) 0-0 19; Elisha Justice 0(2) 0-0 6; Kenny Manigault 1 1-2 3; Michael Eneh 1 0-0 2; John Nunnally 2(2) 0-0 10; Devante McClung 1 1-2 3; and Dalton Cornett 0 1-2 1. Totals: 29(8) 13-23 95.



PIKEVILLE —UPIKE kept its unbeaten record at home in tact with a hard-fought 67-64 win over Campbellsville at the East Kentucky Exposition Center on Feb. 27.

The Bears, now 26-2, had a chance to put the game out of reach but missed a pair of one-and-one situations that gave the Tigers an opportunity to tie and force overtime. However, CU missed on two three-point attempts as time ran out.

Pikeville was led by a balanced scoring attack that featured four players in double figures. Josh Whitaker led the group for the second straight game with 19, followed by Keala King with 16 points, Bruce Reed with 11 and Kenny Manigault adding 10. Reed also collected 10 rebounds to finish with a double-double.

A’Darius Pegues led the Tigers with 15 points and eight boards.

At Pikeville


CU (14-13)...................32  32 – 64

UP (26-2)......................40  27 – 67


Campbellsville (64) – Eric Gaines 1 5-9 7; A’Darius Pegues 6 3-5 15; Elliott Young 1 0-0 2; Darius Clement 1(2) 0-0 8; Miles Rice 2(1) 6-6 13; DeShawn Dockery 1 0-0 2; Jordan Myers 1(3) 0-0 11; and DeMarcus Page 0(2) 0-0 6. Totals: 13(8) 14-20 64.

UPIKE (67) – Bruce Reed 4 3-4 11; Kenny Manigault 3 4-6 10; Josh Whitaker 2(4) 3-4 19; Elisha Justice 0(2) 0-3 6; Keala King 4(2) 2-4 16; and John Nunnally 1(1) 0-0 5. Totals: 14(9) 12-21 67.



St. Catharine....62

PIKEVILLE — The University of Pikeville Bears finally wore down short-handed St. Catharine.

The Bears overcame a halftime deficit to pull away in the second half and beat the Lady Patriots, 84-62, at the East Kentucky Exposition Center on March 1.

Callisha Johnson and Kelah Eldridge paced the Bears with 15 points each, while Brogan Conley added 12 and Brittany Swindall chipped in with 10. Conley also pulled down 12 rebounds to finish with a double-double.

Machera Calhoun led all scorers for St. Catharine (4-21) with 29 points.

UPIKE (13-17) advances to the Mid-South Conference Tournament today in Lebanon, Tenn.

At Pikeville


SC (4-21)......................40  22 – 62

UP (13-17)...................38  46 – 84


St. Catharine (62) – Rianne Hofstraat 2 1-2 5; Sasha Ruiz-Lopez 3 0-0 4; Carol Ruiz-Lopez 1(4) 1-3 15; Machera Calhoun 10 9-14 29; and Stacie Shrout 0(3) 0-0 9. Totals: 15(76) 11-19 62.

UPIKE (84) – Brittany Swindall 5 0-0 10; Brogan Conley 3(2) 0-0 12; Courtney Haney 1 0-0 2; Callisha Johnson 1(4) 1-2 15; Lakeria Crowder 1 0-0 2; Kayla Day 1 0-2 2; Christin Haney 3 0-0 6; Patrice Tonge 2 0-0 4; Kandice Porter 2 0-0 4; Kelah Eldridge 0(5) 0-0 15; Cheyenne Madden 3 0-0 6; and Khalilah Quigley 2 2-2 6. Totals: 24(11) 3-8 84.



PIKEVILLE —  Campbellsville hit clutch free throws to keep its distance in a 75-59 win over the University of Pikeville at the East Kentucky Exposition on Feb. 27.

UPIKE’s Brogan Conley led the Bears (12-17) with 19 points. Cheyenne Madden joined Conley in double figures with 10 points while no other Bear scored more than nine.

Ellen Sholtes matched Conley with 19 to lead Campbellsville and Mary Jehlik added 17 and Katie Allen finished with 15 points.

At Pikeville


CU (26-3).....................41  34 – 75

UP (12-17)...................27  32 – 59


Campbellsville (75) – Daizah Kimberland 3 2-5 8; Lindsey Burd 2 1-2 5; Caroline Owen 0 4-4 4; Katie Allen 5(1) 2-2 15; Ellen Sholtes 6 7-9 19; LeeAnn Grider 0 3-4 3; Mary Jehlik 3(3) 2-2 17; and Hayley Hellyer 2 0-0 4. Totals: 21(4) 21-28 75.

UPIKE (59) – Cheyenne Madden 5 0-0 10; Kelah Eldridge 1 0-0 2; Courtney Haney 2 0-0 4; Callisha Johnson 2 5-6 9; Khalilah Quigley 2 0-0 4; Christin Haney 0(2) 0-0 6; Brogan Conley 2(5) 0-1 19; and Kandice Porter 2 1-4 5. Totals: 16(7) 6-11 59.

ST. CATHARINE —The University of Pikeville baseball team led at St. Catharine 4-1 after four innings, but the Patriots roared back with a grand slam in the seventh to steal the 6-5 win on March 1.

UPIKE (10-7, 1-2 MSC) got a big game at the plate from centerfielder Brad Andrews with three RBIs on a pair of hits and a stolen base, but first baseman Josh Whitmer spoiled the fun with a grand slam in the seventh inning to give St. Catharine (7-9, 2-1 MSC) the lead for good.

Jared Master’s took the loss for the Bears, dropping to 0-1 on the season after failing to get an out in the seventh inning. Masters had entered in relief for James Brooks who had walked the first two batters at the plate in the frame.

At St. Catharine


UP (10-7)..001  300  100 – 5-10-0

SC (7-9).....001  010  40x – 6-  7-3


WP – Steven Borkowski

LP – Jared Masters

Hitting: Brad Andrews (2-1b, 3RBIs); Chaz Contreras (2-1b, 2b, 3r, 2RBIs); Nicolas Gonzales (2-2b, 1r), UPIKE.

St. Catharine....7-0


ST. CATHARINE —Zak Sutherland moved to 3-1 with a dazzling performance on the mound in the nightcap and the University of Pikeville lost a big lead in game one to split with St. Catharine (Ky.) 7-5 and 1-0 in its Mid-South Conference openers on Feb. 28.

Sutherland went the distance in the seven-inning contest, shutting out the Patriots while allowing just three hits and striking out six batters without a walk. The game was truly a pitcher’s duel as Andrew Nelson (0-2) went seven innings as well, allowing one run on two hits with seven batters sent down on strikes.

After being walked five times and hitting three singles, the Bears enjoyed a 5-0 lead after the first inning of game one, but failed to score another run in the next eight frames. Instead, St. Catharine chipped away at the lead until it grabbed a 7-5 lead in the eighth inning.

Third baseman Erik Manning led the UPIKE offense by doing a lot with a little. Manning collected just two hits on the day, but was able to tally three walks, two RBIs, three stolen bases and scored a run.

Manning and catcher Cody Chagnon provided the only two hits for the Bears in the win, with Manning driving home shortstop Chaz Contreras, who had reached on an error, with a sacrifice fly.

At St. Catharine

(Game 2)


UP (10-6)........000  001  0 – 1-2-0

SC (6-9)..........000  000  0 – 0-3-2


WP – Zak Sutherland

LP – Andrew Nelson

Hitting: Erik Manning (1h, 1RBI); Chaz Contreras (1r), UPIKE.

At St. Catharine

(Game 1)


UP (9-6)......500  000  000 – 5-5-2

SC (6-8)......030  010  12x – 7-8-0


WP – Trenton Clauch

LP – Michael Vaquera

Hitting: Brad Andrews (1h, 1r, 1RBI); Erik Manning (1h, 1r, 1RBI); Zach Nothwehr (1h, 1r), UPIKE.

Alice Lloyd...........3


PIKEVILLE — In a close 3-2 loss to Alice Lloyd, four errors doomed the University of Pikeville, including one that allowed a run, as the Eagles used small ball to take the win in extra innings at Johnnie LeMaster Field on Feb. 25.

Alice Lloyd outhit UPIKE 13-10 in 13 innings and committed just one error with solid end-game pitching to move to 3-2 on the season.

The Bears drop to 9-5.

Leftfielder Zach Nothwehr and centerfielder Brad Andrews both finished with three hits to lead UPIKE.

Andrews used his hits for a double, two stolen bases and two runs scored while also drawing a walk.

Nothwehr drove in a pair of runs, including one in the bottom of the 10th inning to extend the game.

At Pikeville


AL (3-2).....000  010  000 100  1 – 3-13-1

UP (9-5)....001  000  000  100  0 – 2-10-4


WP – Neil Dillon

LP – Michael Vaquera

Hitting: Brad Andrews (2-1b, 2b, 2r); Zach Nothwehr (3-1b, 2RBIs), Pikeville.

CAMPBELLSVILLE — For the second straight day, the University of Pikeville softball team was handed a pair of tough losses, being edged by Campbellsville (Ky.) 2-0 and 3-2 on March 1.

The Bears ran up against a stellar pitching performance in game one as Victoria Decker (6-2) allowed just one hit with seven strikeouts in a complete-game performance.

In game two, Pikeville trimmed a 3-0 deficit with a two-run homer by Eady Beth Connally, but couldn’t complete the comeback.

First baseman Sarah Kinney provided UPIKE’s only hit in the 2-0 loss, while Connally paced the offense in game two with two RBIs on her blast to left field.

Third baseman Hollie Hinkle went 2-for-3 and shortstop Taylor Weeks registered a single to get on base for the homer.

Pikeville (0-4, 0-4 MSC) picked up a pair of solid pitching performances as Lauren Barnes (0-2) allowed two runs on five hits with a strikeout in game one and Sydney Morris (0-1) went all six innings in the circle in game two, allowing three runs on five hits with two strikeouts.

At Campbellsville

(Game 2)


UP (0-4)..........000  002  0 – 2-5-1

CU (15-3).......111  000  x – 3-5-0


WP – Taylor Wroe

LP – Sydney Morris

Hitting: Eady Beth Connally (2-r HR), UPIKE.

At Campbellsville

(Game 1)


UP (0-3)..........000  000  0 – 0-1-3

CU (14-3).......001  100  x – 2-5-0


WP – Victoria Decker

LP – Lauren Barnes

Hitting: Sarah Kinney (2b), UPIKE.

St. Catharine..16-9


ST. CATHARINE  — The University of Pikeville softball team scored 14 runs in one inning of game one and held a 5-2 lead nearly halfway through the nightcap, but ultimately couldn’t slow down the St. Catharine offense in a pair of 16-15 and 9-8 losses on the road to start Mid-South Conference play on Feb. 28.

After a few weather-related cancellations, the conference doubleheader was also the season opener for the Bears (0-2, 0-2 MSC) which wasted no time playing a pair of interesting games.

With the two wins, St. Catharine improved to 2-2 overall and 2-0 in league play.

Third baseman Hollie Hinkle had a big day for UPIKE, tallying six hits including a 3-for-3 showing in game two. Hinkle finished with two RBIs, a walk and a run scored. Second baseman Emily Castle and first baseman Sarah Kinney hit the first two home runs of the season with solo shots in the high-scoring opener.

Kinney and shortstop Taylor Weeks both drove in three runs in game one as Weeks went 2-for-5 at the plate while scoring two runs herself.

Catcher Eady Beth Connally had a well-rounded day with six hits, three walks, four runs and a double.

At St. Catharine

(Game 2)


UP (0-2)........005  020  1 – 8-13-3

SC (2-2).........020  304  x – 9-11-1


WP – Brittany McKee

LP – Lauren Barnes

Hitting: Eady Beth Connally (4-1b, 2r, 3RBIs); Brandi Howard (3-1b, 2r, 1RBI); Hollie Hinkle (3-1b, 1RBI), UPIKE.

At St. Catharine

(Game 1)


UP (0-1)..000  1(14)0  000 – 15-13-2

SC (1-2)....020  5    2 5  11x – 16-20-0


WP – Krystal Cammuse

LP – Courtney Morgan

Hitting: Sarah Kinney (HR, 2b, 2r, 3RBIs); Emily Castle (HR, 1b, 2r, 4RBIs); Taylor Weeks (2-1b, 2r, 3RBIs); Hollie Hinkle (3-1b, 1r, 1RBI); Eady Beth Connally

Medical Leader | SUBMITTED PHOTO

PIKEVILLE — For the second straight season, the University of Pikeville cheerleading team won the Mid-South Conference team championship after a stellar performance on its home court on Sunday at UPIKE Gym.

The Bears paced the five-squad field, followed by Campbellsville in second place and Georgetown rounding out the top three. Pikeville also had the MSC Cheerleader of the Year in Jerrica Lambert and Coach of the Year in Jeannie Stone.

For Stone it is back-to-back coach of the year honors, while Lambert gives the Bears two straight cheerleaders of the year after Jaimie Ward took the award last season.

Pikeville’s All Mid-South Conference selections were Lambert and Ali Goff.

The Bears placed the second most student-athletes on the Academic All-MSC list with nine.

Those members with a minimum GPA of 3.25 and at least sophomore academic status include Goff, Lambert, Jessalyn Hunter, Josh Little, Klay Maggard, Deressa Prater, Taylor Stone, Ashley Sturgill and Kaci Wilcox.

UPIKE will be back in action on April 9-13 at the NCA College Championships in Daytona, Fla.  

Team Championship

1. University of Pikeville

2. Campbellsville University

3. Georgetown College

4. University of the Cumberlands

5. Lindsey Wilson College

All-Girl Partner Stunt Championship

1.Campbellsville University (Rachel Clements, Makayla Asher, Ashley Bates, Morgan Cubert)

Coed Partner Stunt Championship

1. Campbellsville University (David Veramontes, Kassandra Richerson)

2. Campbellsville University (Blake Fields, Audri Wunderlich)

3. Campbellsville University (Joe Blackstone, Ashley Bates)

4. Lindsey Wilson College (Joey Harris, Lizzie Lieske)

MSC Cheerleader  of the Year
Jerrica Lambert - University of Pikeville

MSC Freshman of the Year
Kayla Kelly - Georgetown College

MSC Coach of the Year
Jeannie Stone - University of Pikeville

MSC Champions of Character Award
Miwa Matsuo - Campbellsville University

Medical Leader | SUBMITTED PHOTO
CHAMPION: Mullins’ Trevor Holbrook is pictured on the podium after winning first place the state championship in his weight class. This was the first individual state championship for the Mullins School program, which is now in its third year.

PIKEVILLE — The Mullins Youth Wresting Team recently took part in the Kentucky Youth Wresting State Championships held at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington on Feb. 23.
A total of nine members qualified for the state meet.
Members qualifying for the state championships were:
•Noah Tackett 60 pound weight class (2nd grade)
•Carter Lockhart 67 pound weight class (5th grade)
•Nate Maynard 97 pound weight class (1st grade)
•Nate Roberts 135 pound weight class (6th grade)
•TJ Adams 50 pound weight class ( 2nd grade)
•Isaac Blankenship 111 pound weight class (3rd grade)
•Xavier Rogers 95 pound weight class (5th grade)
•Trajan Adams 100 pound weight class (5th grade)
•Trevor Holbrook 70 pound weight class (1st grade)
•Nate Roberts (135) finished 4th in the state in his weight class.
Four other wrestlers advanced to the state championship in their weight class and finished as state runners-up:
•TJ Adams (50)
Isaac Blankenship (111)
Xavier Rogers (95)
Trajan Adams (100)
•Trevor Holbrook (70) won the state championship in his weight class. This was the first individual state championship for the school’s program, now in its third year.
Mullins Youth Wrestling finished fifth in the state as a team.
 The group is coached by Thomas McAvoy, Todd Maynard and Justin “Biscuit” Maynard.

Medical Leader | Photo by DUSTY LAYNE
IN THE PAINT: East Ridge’s Austin Hylton goes up high to score against Pikeville in the opening round of the 59th District Tourament at T.W. Oliver Memorial Gymnasium on Feb. 24. Looking on are Pikeville’s Zach Thacker (23) and Jacob Hamilton (12). The Warriors rallied past the Panthers, 54-52.

PIKEVILLE — East Ridge overcame a slow start to rally in the second half and beat Pikeville, 54-52, in the opening round of the 59th District Tournament at T.W. Oliver Memorial Gymnasium on Feb. 24.

The win sends the Warriors (16-9) into the championship game against Shelby Valley while Pikeville’s season ends at 11-18.

Both Valley and East Ridge will advance to the 15th Region Tournament.

Johnny Miller poured in a game-high 17 points to lead East Ridge. Jacob Chaney and Austin Hylton chipped in nine each.

Pikeville was led by Ryder Johnson’s 16 points. Blaine May followed with 12 and Jacob Hamilton chipped in nine.

East Ridge swept both regular season matchups with the Panthers.

At Pikeville

(59th District)


PHS (11-18).....14  13  10  15 – 52

ER (16-9)............6  15  15  18 – 54


Pikeville (52) – Gaige Ray2(1) 0-2 7; Blaine May 2(2) 2-2 12; Ryder Johnson 3(3) 1-2 16; Jacob Hamilton 4 1-3 9; and Zach Huffman 1(2) 0-0 8. Totals: 12(8) 4-11 52.

East Ridge (54) – Jacob Chaney 3 3-6 9; Jacob Skeens 2(1) 0-0 7; Tony Wolter 1 3-4 5; Michael Fields 1 5-6 7; Johnny Miller 2(4) 1-3 17; and Austin Hylton 2 5-6 9. Totals: 11(5) 17-25 54.


East Ridge.........60

PIKEVILLE — Pikeville’s Rachel Potter stripped the nets for a game-high 32 points as the Lady Panthers held off East Ridge, 67-60, in the opening round of the 59th District Tournament at T.W. Oliver Memorial Gymnasium on Feb. 24.

The Lady Panthers, now 19-11, advanced to the championship game against Shelby Valley. East Ridge’s season ends at 14-13. Both Valley and Pikeville will advance to the 15th Region Tournament.

Emma Looney, Savanna Nunemaker and Rachel Blackburn followed with eight points each.

Timera Thacker and Kelsie Fuller paced the Lady Warriors with 13 points each.

Hannah Bevins chipped in nine and Christian Yates added eight.

At Pikeville

(59th District)


ER (14-13)........9  15  17  19 – 60

PHS (19-11)...13  15  19  20 – 67


East Ridge (60) – Kelsie Fuller 13, Christian Yates 8, Chelsea Justice 7, Lesli Fleenor 7, Timera Thacker 13, Emily Thacker 3 and Hannah Bevins 9.

Pikeville (67) – Rachel Potter 32, Emma Looney 8, Savanna Nunemaker 8, Alexa Gearheart 6, Rachel Blackburn 8, Savannah Webb 3 and Hannah Keene 2.