ARC leadership tour visits Pike County

PIKEVILLE — American Red Cross (ARC) officials held an informative session at the Pike County Public Library on June 9 in an effort to inform the general public on what services are offered.


“Thank you all for being here today. I know you have plenty of choices on how you’re going to spend your time, we appreciate you spending just a little with us,” said Regional Chief Development Officer Jeremy Jarvey. “Thank you for all you do for the Red Cross.”


State and region wide statistics were discussed and those in attendance were encouraged to get involved with ARC.


“We are 95 percent volunteer based, which allows us to put 91 cents of every dollar back to client services. We cannot do what we do without every single volunteer. We have over 3,300 volunteers for the region in Kentucky,” he said.


Through its countless number of volunteers, donors and partnerships, ARC has installed 15,384 smoke alarms, making 10,000 homes safer in Kentucky.


“It’s amazing what the volunteers do. I always say you really do not know who your full time staff is sometimes because the volunteers are working more hours than some of the full time staff are. No other organization does it like we do,” Jarvey added.


Disasters can occur in the blink of an eye. ARC is available to help in all situations.


ARC East Kentucky Region Executive Director Joanna King was at home when she encountered her